Pastured Poultry

This is our first year to raise pastured poultry. Our goal is to become THE trusted local provider of pastured poultry and eggs in the North Mississippi and Memphis, TN area. Our poultry is raised in a way that improves our land and ensures the cleanest, freshest products available to the customers in our community.  Following is more information on our products:

  • Our egg layers are on pasture in a portable paddock for their protection from predators. Inside the paddock is a portable coop which we call The Eggmobile. The chickens are free to go in and out during the day but are locked up at night. We move them every few days to ensure the availability of fresh grass. Their diet is supplemented with our own blend of grain, protein, probiotics and natural supplements. Their feed contains no hormones or antibiotics. We currently have 40 hens, a mix of Buff Orpington and Rhode Island Red.  We also have 50 Barred Rocks which will be introduced into the laying flock by the fall.  All of our hens lay large, brown eggs. The yolks are rich and deep yellow/orange in color. The taste and level of nutrition is like nothing you can get in a grocery store!
  • Our broilers are  known for their large double breasts, taste and texture. The babies start off in a heated brooder and fed our specially blended chick starter which contains no hormones or antibiotics. They are moved into portable coops at about three weeks old.  Their diet is approximately 20% grass/insects and 80% feed.  These portable coops, or “chicken tractors” as they are called, have no floors which means the chickens are on fresh, clean grass at all times.
  • We are also raising pastured turkeys. Their feed and access to grass is the same as the chickens.
  • We process all of our poultry ourselves right here on the farm using specially desgined equipment.  Birds are shrink wrapped in plastic bags and chilled for 48 hours before freezing to ensure the most tender birds available.  We follow USDA and State of Mississippi standards for processing based the guidelines for direct farm to consumer sales.

If you are interested, please email us at, see us at our Facebook page or call us at 662.224.1019.  We invite you to come out and visit our operation at any time to see our processes.

2 responses to “Pastured Poultry

  1. patti montgomery

    Wonderful! Just bought a place at Snow Lake. I will be out to see your farm. I am so excited to learn of you and will pass the good news along.

    Best wishes,
    Patti Montgomery

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