Porter Pond Farm – Past, Present, Future

It was about this time last year that my husband told me he had figured out what he wanted to do with this piece of ground we had bought about six years earlier. He proceeded to tell me we were going to raise chickens and that we were going to move them – every day. Then, he told me about the cows and how we’d move them every day, too. And the pigs – well, the pigs wouldn’t have to be moved until they emptied their feeder. I don’t remember if I laughed or cried, maybe I cried from laughing so hard. Perhaps I laughed when he told me we were going to move all these animals daily, and I cried when he told me how we were going to “process” the chickens ourselves, right here on the farm. He finally wore me down and well, you’ve been following the rest of the story.

While working our full time day jobs this year, we raised and processed about 220 chickens, 40 turkeys and 4 pigs, as well as building a flock of 80 egg layers. I have continued to laugh, and cry, throughout this entire experience. However, the sense of personal satisfaction is tremendous in this accomplishment! I don’t have the talent with words to describe it.

As the year comes to a close and we start thinking about 2013, we have realized a few things:

1. We love what we are doing!
2. We can raise good products that are more nutritious and tasty than anything in the grocery store
3. We can even make a little money doing it, but not enough to give up the day jobs anytime soon

But the most important things we learned are:

1. We started this business about 20 years too late in terms of our physical capabilities to keep up
2. We want to live closer to our kids and grandkids

So we have decided we are going to sell the farm and make another move. We will find good local farmers and work hard to be their best customers because we now know how hard they work!

We are so grateful to our family for their help and support this year. Our customers are the best and we were honored to meet their needs. Thank you for reading my silly posts! But most of all, we thank God for giving us this wonderful opportunity! He is so good to us and all the glory goes to Him!

We wish all of you a Merry Christmas and all the best in 2013!

6 responses to “Porter Pond Farm – Past, Present, Future

  1. I hear ya about the age/work thing. We’re probably starting about 10 years later than we should have. Sigh. It’s too bad you’re selling up after all that hard work setting up and running this past year, but it sound like you’ve given it a lot of thought and I agree that the pull of family is a really good reason to relocate. Good luck with the next phase of the journey! Merry Christmas.

  2. OMG! Well…you can’t pay for the kind of experience you and Randy have shared over the last few years! When I think of trying to do what you and he have been doing to keep the farm going, all the while with other full-time jobs….I can’t wrap my mind around even attempting it. God bless you both and best of luck with your move back to the city. Being close to those grandbabies will mean so much to you both…

  3. As I have learned so much about what the farmers do who grow my food and have met so many who are my age and have retired to a hobby farm (which grew and grew and grew beyond their expectations) I realize I can;t do it. I WILL have a hoop house to extend the growing season but it WILL be small and just for us. LOL We are moving this August to Oregon and will see if we can afford some small acreage where a farmer can sharecrop. If it works well we will do the legalities so they can have the land when we die….a way to help a younger farm family who may not be able to afford to purchase land outright. We’ll see what the Universe has in store, but that is the general concept.

    • Wherever I move to, I will always have a garden for us. But the animals we’re just too much hard work, plus they keep tou tied down. Unfortunately, the profit margin just doesn’t support hiring help. So, we will move closer to kids and grand kids and support hard working farmers. We think that’s the best way for us to support sustainable agriculture.

      Best wishes to you on your move!

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