New turkeys…

The turkeys arrived today. It is so frustrating to open the box and see that all of them didn’t survive the journey and a couple more don’t look very strong. They will need lots of TLC the next few days. Turkeys this week, 150 chicks in three weeks – let the two-a-days and worrying begin!



2 responses to “New turkeys…

  1. Good luck – I’ve never raised turkey poults – I hear they’re tricky at first. Salatin puts them in with his regular chicks I believe – the chicks show them where the water and food are, apparently!

    • We put them with our chickens this past spring. First chickens and first turkeys. We lost half of the turkeys. When the hatchery sent the replacements, we still put them in with the baby egg layers and they did much better. This batch is solo in the brooder and, knock on wood, they are doing well so far, as of right now, at this moment. Lol! They are kind of dumb, though. But seems like once you get them a few weeks old, they do pretty well. These are all pre-ordered, so they have to make it or we won’t have time to order and raise more before Thanksgiving.

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