Problem solved…..

No, we didn’t give up yet – I just haven’t had time to post. And my reader hasn’t been working consistently so it’s been hard to read much as well. But, here is an update….

We’ve had problems with the broilers having enough food and water on days we both work. We’ve come up with a double bucket solution for the water. We t’d them off so now they have 10 gallons in the morning and it lasts longer than we need it to.


They had also been running out of food with just one feeder. So we fabricated our own feeders that are at least twice as deep. Problem solved!


Our chickens and turkeys are looking really good.




We will be processing for the first time Monday. We are SO looking forward to seeing and tasting the fruits of our labor!

3 responses to “Problem solved…..

  1. Head Farm Steward

    Gaaah! I wish I could invite myself to come help you process on Monday. The good news is I have 160 of my own to do this weekend…lol. Good luck with your featherman gear. If your birds dress out around 5 pounds, I really think the roto-dunker is limited to two birds at once which will still do 60-80 birds per hour…probably enough for your operation at this time. Let me know your thoughts on the new gear…especially if you disagree with me. Maybe I’m doing something wrong.

    They do look good. You have done a great job. We find they tend to clog up at the top of the drinker where the hose goes to the …manifold(?). If you keep the algae scrubbed out of the buckets that shouldn’t be a problem though.

    • We’ve had no algae, but we did have some little floating bugs and particles to clog up one hose. We’ve been rinsing them out since that happened. I’ll let you know how it goes. We’re anxious and excited all at the same time!

  2. Keep us posted – fascinating!!

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