What a deal!

We are all about using what we can find for our projects here on the farm and these brooders are no different. We used as much scrap wood as we could. We also look for paint at the big box stores which has been returned to get paint to protect our wood projects. Last week we found a 5 gallon bucket of paint at Lowe’s for $25! What a deal! And the chickens don’t really care if it’s pink, do they?!?


The good news is that we are now ready for our quail to move in and for the new egg layers next month. Now back to that pig fence!

7 responses to “What a deal!

  1. Thanks so much for the tip about the returned paint. I did not know to look! And I love the pink brooders, beautiful there by the pond. My dear m-i-l loved her pale pink house.

  2. Those look great. Keep us up to date on your successes in those brooders.

  3. I like the design of your brooders, might have to try that next time.

  4. Maybe if you get some other pastel colors you chickens will start laying Easter eggs! Lol

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