This is what chickens do to ant hills….

This was a pretty large ant mound when we first put the chickens on the pasture. Within 4 or 5 days, this is what it looked like. I thought it was cool and decided to share.




7 responses to “This is what chickens do to ant hills….

  1. Our backyard hill is full of ant hills. I need to put a few chickens out there to destroy them too!

  2. Wow! You are in Tennessee, right? Are your ants who make these mounds fire ants? We have fire ants down here– South Alabama– and I’ve wondered if chickens could eat them, or if the ants would kill chickens.

    • Im not sure what kind of ants these were. We are in North Mississippi, very close to the Tennessee line and we do have fire ants here. I was born and raised in Alabama but never lived in LA, lol.

  3. Head Farm Steward

    Looks like a hog wallow. Good job chickens.

    Are you planning to fill the holes? I have been filling mine with wood chips.

  4. NICE! Heh – can’t wait until I find my next ant’s nest… One chicken buffet, coming right up!

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