Here a chick, there a chick……

Our baby chicks and turkeys arrived! Who would have ever thought they come in a cardboard box in the mail? I was so surprised when we got the first batch of Buffs a few years ago.


154 baby broiler chicks (meat chickens) and 26 turkeys arrived. The chicks are doing great. The turkeys, not so much. We’ve already lost 11 of the them. They seem sort of stupid compared to the chicks, so we aren’t sure if it’s us or them. The hatchery will replace them since they didn’t make it 72 hours so we will baby and coddle the next batch to see what works best.




The brooder design seems to really be working well. They come out and run around, get water, then go back under the hover.


This is a shot up under the hover.


We are really excited to see how they are doing these next few days. More to come…..

P.S. here is a picture so the outside of the brooder


12 responses to “Here a chick, there a chick……

  1. HI there, did you design the brooder yourself? I am due to have a few eggs hatch in an incubator in about 8 days, and am not quite ready yet…How did you make yours?

  2. Don’t be too discouraged about the turkeys. They are tricky. We try to stick to a minimum of 5 broilers per turkey so the broilers can coax the turkeys into living. We harvested 19/20 turkeys last spring starting them on paper towels for a week before moving to wood chips. They are too stupid to not try eating the wood chips early on. Joel Salatin says to start them right on grass. Also, they need to be nice and toasty for the first 3 weeks. Fragile little critters.

    You don’t have a heat shield above your lamp. Most plans I find include a heat sheild. Have you had trouble with the wood heating up?

  3. No trouble with the hover getting too hot. Just the overall temperature in the brooder itself. The vents have helped as the chicks and turkeys looked much better last night. One of the turkeys actually tried to fly out last night. We used to use a little kiddie pool with a lamp over it as a brooder. We put it in the garage. I think we are going to try that with the replacement turkeys so we can easily coddle them for the first few days.

  4. You can’t see it from any of our ( photos but we actually designed those brooders to have the sides come off. We did that for a couple of years but this year we added hinges! Now we just fold them down on both sides on hot days like we have been having and the chicks are just perfect. Since we’ve always had the entire sides removable we have never had problems with overheating. I apologize that the designs on my wife’s blog didn’t mention that! It’s a fairly important detail. After about a week we pretty much leave them open the entire time.

    • Thanks for sharing the design! The brooders are great! We put some chicken wire over the doors for the quail and could prop them up so air blew threw. We also cut windows with hinges in the sides. This last batch of chicks did great! I’ll look for your photos!

  5. Actually, I found a picture of what it looks like with the sides off:

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